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Sequence 2021 is an annual graduation showcase of the final year degree students of our Graphic Design, Interior Architecture & Design, and Furniture & Product Design programmes, in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University, UK conducted at the Faculty of Design and Built Environment, First City University College.

The video game and neon themed design concept is used to express the meaning of “Achievement Unlocked”. The visual elements of video games help communicate the idea of different levels of learning; allowing the “player” to experience challenges and failures at each stage before ultimately achieving success. Subsequently, the neon colour palette often seen in video games will surely grasp the attention of viewers, as it provides a loud and vivid effect with their electrifying, intense and fluorescent characteristics. Aside from that, the neon colours also bring out the spirit of youthfulness in our showcase.


The logo design possesses a neon colour scheme with a ‘Glitchy’ effect to keep in theme with the gaming concept of our showcase. The tagline “Achievement Unlocked” reflects on the idea that our students managed to complete their degree programmes, allowing them to graduate, finally ready to unlock new challenges and other achievements in the future, as professional industry designers.

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